MOTWANE DCM 10A Clamp Meter (AC 300A)

Manufacturer: MOTWANE

Model: DCM 10A

Origin: India

Warranty: 12 months

Measuring Method: Dual intergration mode

Measuring Fuction: Leakage current and load current

Display: 3½ digit L.C.D max, reading of 3200

Range: 0-30 mA/ 300mA; 0.01/0.1mA; ±1.2% rdg ± 5dgt

30A/ 300A; 0.01/0.1A; 0-200A; ±1.2% rdg ± 5dgt

30A/ 300A; 0.01/0.1A; 200-250A; ±3.0% rdg ± 5dgt

30A/ 300A; 0.01/0.1A; 250-300A; ±5.0% rdg ± 5dgt

Jaw Opening Capability: 40mm dia

Maximum Indication: 3200 counts

Low Battery Indication: 2.5V-2.7V

Over load indication: "OL" mark on LCD

Data Hold Indication: "DH" mark on LCD

Sampling Time: Approx 2 times/sec ( Digital Display); Approx 12 times/sec( bargraph display)

Auto Power Off: The Meter is set to poer off mode approx 10mins after the power switch on

Limitation of Circuit: Less than AC 600V

Withstanding Voltage: AC 3700V/1 min max

Operating  Temperature: 0° C to 40° C < 80% RH (noncondensing)

Storage Temperature: -10° C to 60° C < 70% RH (noncondensing)

Power Supply: 2x1.5V button cells LR44 or SR44

Power Consumption: approx 5mw

Battery Life: approx 50hours( LR44)

Size: 64(W)x 176(H)x 23(D)mm approz

Weight: approx 125g



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