MOTWANE PCRM-100S 100A 直流电流接触电阻表 (100A DC)

Technical Specification

Test Currents : 100A DC
Range & Resolution : 200μΩ with 0.1μΩ
2000μΩ with 1μΩ
Measurement Principle : Four wire measurement
Basic Accuracy : ± 2% of reading ± 1 Digit.
( From 10% of the range).
Memory Storage : 99 reading storage facility.
Computer Interface : USB
Thermal Printer : For printing the test results.
Display : Custom Built 3 1⁄2 digit LCD
Display with Backlit.

Physical Specifications
Enclosure Material : ABS.
Dimensions : 365mm x 465mm x 185mm.(D X W X H)
Gross Weight : 20Kg Approx.(Instrument with StandardAccessories )

Power Supply
Mains : 230V ±10%, 50Hz ±10Hz
Single phase AC supply.
Battery : 12V-7.5AH(Rechargeable)
Power Consumption : 35VA, 6.0 Watt on battery.

Operating Temperature : 0°C to 55°C.
Storage Temperature : 0°C to 50°C.
Humidity : less than 95% RH, Non condensing.

Standard Accessories
1 set of 15 meter strong cable with C Clamp 75mm opening
1 set of Master Earthing Cable with battery clip (7 meter)
Mains power cord
User Manual
Calibration Certificate
Carrying Case
Thermal Paper Role
Spare Fuse (250mA/250V slow blow)

Optional Accessories
22 meter strong cable with
C Clamp 50mm jaw size
C Clamp 100mm jaw size
C Clamp 150mm jaw size
Heavy Crocodile clip 25mm jaw size
03 meter cable (Heavy Crocodile clip 25mm opening)
Software CD
USB Cord

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