Mountz LBF750F(063301)使用装载台(9000轻松执行扭矩扳手校准

Torque Range: Max 750 lbf.ft (9000
Reaction Position: Horizontally 4.87" to 41.25" from the center of the turn-table. Vertically 1.87" to 5.4" from the turntable base.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Size: 50” W x 15” H x 15 1/2” D




The loading bench is a laboratory grade instrument designed to enable accurate torque wrench calibration with less physical effort. The calibration instrument enables quick and easy torque wrench calibration and presetting, independent of human influence or transducer side and end load factors.
Advantages of Mountz Loading Bench Include:
A calibration system that ensures accurate torque wrench calibration.
A drive system that assures load application, which eliminates any operator induced test error.
A durable build, which reduces the operators effort required to attain and sustain torque during the calibration process.
A large wheel for smooth manual loading.
Both clockwise and counter-clockwise operation.
A selection of models ranging from 0-2000 lbf.ft
The ability to mount on a bench or cabinet.
Adjustability to the size of the wrench being tested.
Easy to use with a Mountz BMX Torque Sensor and a FTA, LTT or PTT torque analyzer.

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