Mountz MTM-27(215027)HG手动扭矩倍增器(2700 Nm)

Input Drive size: 3/4" F/Sq.
Output Drive size: 1" M/Sq.
Max. Torque: 
 - Input: 559 lbf.ft / 758 N.m
 - Output: 2000 lbf.ft / 2700  N.m
Torque Multiplication ratio: 3.3:1
Weight: 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg




The manual torque multiplier is a low cost solution that’s ideal for wheel nuts and remote locations where air and electricity aren’t easily accessible. The gearing design allows for a high torque output with minimal input. Commonly used in petrochemical, power generation, transportation, shipping and maintenance industries.
Precision tightening for heavy duty fastening connections. Accuracy better than ± 5%.
Commonly used in construction, heavy equipment & power generation industries.
Portable, compact and lightweight.
Constructed with quality steel and matted finish.
Torque Multiplication Ratio - low energy input with high torque output.
For operation in combination with a torque wrench.
Ideal for remote locations where no source of power is available.
Includes plastic case.

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