Mountz SD70-E(145919)电动螺丝刀(1 - 6.9 cN.m; 1 - 6.9 r / m)

Driver type : Lever Start
Drive size: 4mm D-Cut
Torque range: 0.08 - 0.6 / 1 - 6.9 cN.m
Adjustable RPM : 100 -  1000 r/m
Size: Ø 1.25 inch x 7.33 inch
Weight: 9.2 oz / apprx 27.6 g

Remarks:  other accessories can be optional on the datasheet. 





1. Brushless Electric Screwdrivers
Various models that range from 0.08 - 24.3
Electric Screwdrivers feature a high performance Swiss Maxon brushless motor design that provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers.
Low inertial force provides smooth reaction-less operation with little G force to assembled parts.
Low noise, vibration and maintenance.

2. Controller
Programmable digital torque setting with memory for 8 preset torque settings.
Real-time monitoring and torque control of the tightening process.
Real time torque data and curve display (Speed vs Torque or Angle vs Torque).
Real time fastening data output (USB, RS-232C).
Selectable speed settings.
Programming and monitoring with Smart-Manager (PC software).
Programmable multi-sequence operation.
Displays error information by code.
Maintenance information and history memory. Firmware upgrade by Com port.

3. Preset Parameter Settings
Four selectable units of torque measurements:,, cN.m,
Selectable settings for Torque, Speed, Min & Max Angle, and Soft Start time.
Maximum angle control and verification
Minimum angle control and error reporting

4. I/O Interface & Settings
25P I/O interface to a PLC or 8 direct sensor ports.
Sensor ports for preset selection and screw counting.
Input via sensor ports for presets.
Input / Output for PLC.

5. Output Signal Types
Count complete
Torque up and Count complete
Alarm, screw missing

6. Built-in Screw Counter
Detection of fastening error and displays error condition.
Visual assembly fastener count (count up or down), including total count.
Real time monitoring by PC program.
Detects - cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle complete.
Programmable screw counter settings.
0 to 99 screws

7. LCD Display
Sequence setting (Preset #).
Fastening torque.
Fastening process status (OK/NG).
Torque unit setting.
Preset torque setting.
Preset speed and actual RPM.
Count setting and remaining screw count.
Turns and fastening time.

8. Screw Counting Selections
Start (Continuous on)
Start Pulse with time limit
Start Pulse and Finish pulse

9. Motor Run Time Limits
Motor run time limits, forward and reverse.
Motor stall time limit.
Sleep time.
Motor acceleration for soft start.

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