Mstech DS-DFT-100 臭氧测试仪

Manufacturer: Mstech

Model:   DS-DFT-100

Origin: Korea

Warranty: 12 months

A comprehensive testing machine that measures the performance and analyzes the data by various tests such as the operating torque and rotation angle of the car, other cargoes and door

Power: AC 220V 3P/60Hz

Torque: 50kg.f

Angle: 0~180

Movement motor: AC Servo Motor 500w~3KLw

Reducer: 1/50, 1/100, 1/150

Torque meter: Rotary Type

Encoder: Rotary Encoker 3000pulse, 6000pulse

Control: PC Monitoring Control

In/out card: Analog 8ch 168Bit, Digital card

Weight: Ap 300kg

Safety device:

             ① Torque Limit

             ② Servo Motor Over Load Protector

             ③ Noise Filter

             ④ Emergency Switch

             ⑤ None Fuse Breaker

             ⑥ Main fuse



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