Nabertherm RSRC 120-750/11 旋转管式炉(1100°C,750 mm)

Temperature Max: 1100°C
Control System: B400
Outer dimensions (mm): 2755x1045x1715
Outer tube Ø (mm): 110
Heated length (mm):750
Tube length (mm): 1790
Connected load (kW): 6.6
Electrical connection: 3 phase
Weight (kg): 600



RSRC 80-500/11 - RSRC 120-1000/13
The RSRC rotary tube furnaces are particularly suitable for processes where continuously running batch material is heated for a short time.
The rotary tube furnace is positioned slightly inclined heated-up to the target temperature.
The material is then continuously supplied at the upper end of the tube. It passes through the heated area of the tube and falls on the lower end out of the tube. The time of heat treatment results from the inclination angle, the rotational speed and the length of the working tube, as well as from the flow properties of the batch material.
Equipped with the optional closed loading system for 5 liter charge material incl. receptacle, the furnace can also be used for processes under protective gas or vacuum.
Depending on process, charge and required maximum temperature, different working tubes made of quartz glass, ceramics or metal to be used (see page 42). This rotary tube furnace is therefore highly adaptable for different processes.
„Tmax 1100 °C
-Working tube made of quartz glass open at both sides
-Thermocouple type K
„Tmax 1300 °C
-Open tube made of ceramics C 530
-Thermocouple type S
„Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel
„Adjustable drive of approx. 2-45 rpm
„Digital display unit for the tilting angle of the furnace
„Beltless drive and split-type furnace housing (opening temperature < 180 °C) provide for very easy tube removal
„Compact system, rotary tube furnace positioned on a base frame with
-manual spindle drive with crank to preset the tilting angle
-switchgear and controls integrated
„Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
„Controls description see page 60

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