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NIKON Nis – Elements AR Imaging Software

Live image capturing

AVI Live-Stream Capturing: AVI Capturing automatically captures live data into an easily exportable and viewable AVI format

Featuring fully-automated acquisition and device control through full 6D (X, Y, Z, Lambda (Wavelength), Time, Multipoint) image acquisition 

Time-lapse: Time-lapse image capturing in NIS-Elements is easily configurable simply by setting the time interval and duration of capture

Image Stitching (Large image): Large Image Acquisition generates a single high-magnification wide field-of-view image by automatically stitching multiple adjacent frames from a multipoint acquisition or from multiple single images captured from a previous session

Multichannel (multi-color): NIS-Elements can acquire full bit depth multi-color images, combining multiple fluorescence wavelengths and different illumination methods (DIC, phase contrast etc.), while offering independently scalable channels.

Z-series: Through motorized focus control, NIS-Elements reconstructs and renders 3D images from multiple Z-axis planes (in case using motorized microscope)

Multipoint: multiple stage points of the sample

Streaming: share Nis – Elements interface to other devices 

Merge Channels: Multiple single channel images (ex., two from three-channel acquisition images) can be merged together by simply dragging the tab of one image onto another image

Image Filtering, Color Adjustment: to modify image display using various filters for example, sharpness, smoothing and detection

Manual Measurement (Interactive Measurement): Interactive Measurement allows easy measurement of length and area, angle, count & taxonomy by drawing lines or an object directly on the image. The results can be attached to the image, and also exported as text or to an Excel spreadsheet

Auto Measurement (Object Counting): Auto measurement measures the number or area of objects by the creation of a binary layer through thresholding using RGB/HIS or intensity values. The results can be listed or exported as text or an excel file. 

ROI Statistics: Common pixel measurements such as area, maximum or minimum intensity are possible with the user defined ROI (Region Of Interest). 

Time (Intensity) Measurement: Time measurement creates a graph of sequential intensity changes while time-lapse imaging or from captured time-lapse images. Ratio view function allows the measurement of the ratio of two wavelengths across multiple ROIs and shows the ratio value by pixel. Numeric data and graph images are exportable and the measurements on the graph are available as well.

acquisition details and analysis results, allowing export and PDF conversion of the image and the associated image header and data information

Extended Depth of Focus (EDF): The EDF function selects the in-focus area from multiple Z-stack images, and produces one all-in-focus image

NIS-Elements is compatible with all common file formats, such as JP2, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, ND2, JFF, JTF, AVI, ICS/IDS

PC (Buy locally) with minimum configuration: 

OS: Win 10 Pro, 64 bits 

CPU: Intel Xeon W-2223 or better


HDD 1TB, SSD 512Gb


Keyboard + Mouse

Monitor: 21.5" iPS


Imaging software: 01 unit

PC (Locally): 01 unit


For imaging capturing, archiving and analysis

Customer can prepare their own PC 


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