Novotest IPSM-U 强度计

The range of measurements of the propagation of ultrasonic vibrations :10~ 9999  µs     
The measurement resolution of the propagation time of ultrasonic vibration: 0.1  µs     
The operating frequency of the ultrasonic oscillations: 50-100 Khz
The base surface sounding measurements: 120 mm
The output voltage: 600 V
Overall dimensions of el. unit: 122*65*23 mm
Operating temperature: -20…+40 C°
Power: 2 AA batteries
Time of continuous operation: 10 hour
Standard package: Electronic unit, Surface sounding probe with cables, Standard sample, 2 AA batteries, Charger, Operating manual, Packing container



Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM-U

Portable strength meter IMSP-U is designed for rapid non-destructive testing the strength of concrete, bricks, composite and other building materials. Ultrasonic device allows user to measure thickness and strength of the cross-cutting and superficial methods by measuring the speed and time of ultrasonic waves in a controlled objects – materials.

Key features of the ultrasonic strength meter IPSM-U:

  • determine the density and elastic modulus fiberglass and so on;
  • definitions of sound index of construction ceramics and abrasives;
  • estimates of the porosity, fracturing and anisotropy of the material;
  • assess the degree of maturity of the concrete in a monolithic concreting.

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