Novotest SPARK-1 脉冲探测器

Measurement thickness range of tested coatings: 12 mm
Measurement diameter range of the detected defects: 0,1 mm
Operation speed of electrode: 25 cm/s
Output voltage: 1.5 – 36 kV
Pulse repetition frequency: 30 – 35 Hz
Batteries life: 5 h
Weight of high-voltage transformer: 0,8 kg
Weight of electronic unit: 3,7 kg
Total weight with kit and package: 7 kg


Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1

Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 is designed for testing the continuity of insulation coatings (polymer, epoxy, bitumen, etc.) of  pipelines (oil, gas, etc.) and other products during their operation and servicing.

Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 is used for testing the integrity of insulating coatings which are based on polymer materials or bituminous mastics. The pulse holiday detector can be used during building and operating the oil and gas metal pipelines with thickness of coatings up to 12 mm. Testing the quality of insulation coatings is used to evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion protection of oil and gas pipelines.

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