Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3A-EMA

Thickness measurement (steel) – 2...60 mm

Without application of couplant and advance surface preparation,through air gap

Allows user to put the probe not exact perpendiculary to the surface,

The device has a bright contrast LCD display

A-scan, B-scan, calibration settings

Three thickness measurement modes:


Measuring thicknesses range for steel, mm: 2.0...60.0

Basic measurement accuracy, mm: 0.04

Permissible gap between device and testing

object, mm: Up to 6

Permissible probe vertical deviation to the

testing surface normal, grad: ±25

Notional sensitivity: Flat-bottomed hole in diameter of 9 mm

Minimal curvature radius of testing surface, mm: ≤10

Maximum measurements per second: 16

Setting range of the ultrasonic velocity, m / s: 1000-9999 with 1m/s step

Operating oscillation range, MHz: 3...5

Excitation wave type: Transverse wave, radial-

polarized wave in surface plane of testing object

Time of continuous work hours, not less, h: 6

Overall dimensions, mm :232x135x44

Operating temperature range, ° C: -20 to +50

Standard set:

Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Transducer (probe) – 1 pc (depends on the desired range of controlled thickness)

2 AA batteries



Calibration certificate

Operating manual


Available options:

Couplant; UT-probes; Calibration blocks



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