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OAI 6020 大型基板掩模对准器

Exposure System

Exposure Modes: Vacuum contact 

Resolution: ≤2.0μ 

Exposure Modes: Hard contact

Resolution: 2.0-3.0μ

Exposure Modes: Soft contact 

Resolution: 3.0 – 5.0μ 

Exposure Modes: Proximity (20μ gap) 

Resolution: 5.0μm

Advanced Beam Optics

Long working distance light source allows for all fixed optical components and more exposures

Uniform Beam Size: 12” – 20” square

Lamp Power: 1KW – 8KW

Uniformity: Better than ±3 to 5%

Camera: 4MP Dual Camera GigE with large field of view

Alignment System

Pattern Recognition: OAI’s enhanced pattern recognition software

Alignment Accuracy: 0.5μ topside and 1.0μ with top to bottom optional backside alignment

Auto-alignment: Top to bottomside


Wafer Handling

Substrate size : 12”sq to 20”sq

Mask size: 14”sq to 24”sq

Thin substrates: 1mm

Thick & Bonded

Substrates: Up to 5000μm

Stepper Chuck (Option): Multiple steps (customized)

Run-out compensation: Standard software or optional thermal chuck

Wedge Effect Leveling: 3 point or optional non-contact laser gap measurement



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