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OAI 659 光能表

User Interface: Touch screen

Computer Interface: Optional ethernet and USB for downloading recorded measurements

Power: Battery Operated with rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion with charge protection

Charger Power: 110-240 VAC

Display Setup: Two Screens

 1. Setup screen - ethernet address, date, and time

 2. Run screen - wavelength, intensity, time, dose, probe temperature,probe type, percent of deviation, serial  number, calibration due date, battery status, probe serial number, and charger status

Memory Storage: Up to 400 readings

Intensity Range: Up to 7,500mW/cm2

Intensity Resolution: 0.01mW/cm2

Dose Range: Up to 1000 J/cm2

Dose Resolution: 0.01mJ/cm2

Time Range: Up to 9999 seconds

Time Resolution: 0.0001 seconds

Minimum Dose Exposure: 25 ms

Dimensions: 14”x8.25”x3.5”

Weight: 3.5lbs.

Operating Environment: 15º-40ºC

Compliance: ROHS2 and CE (EMD and Safety)

Probe Specifications

Probe Detector: Silicon photodiode

Available Wavelengths(nm): 365, 400, 420, 436

Filters: Multilayer absorption/dielectric

Intensity Range: Up to 7,500mW/cm2

Interchangeability: Any Model 659 probe can be used with any Model 659 Meter

Compliance: ROHS2 and CE (EMD and Safety)



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