OHAUS SPS4001F 电子秤,4000g / 0.1

Maximum Capacities: 4000 (g)
- Accuracy: 0.1g
- Capacities x reading ability: 4000x0.1g
- Linearity: ± 0.1g
- Application: Counting on average volume, weight%, overall weight, keep showing the value of weight.
- Preparatory: Preparatory functions
- Settling Time: 3 seconds
- Working environment temperature: 10-400C
- Power supply: using the AC adapter (by weight) or AA batteries (not necessary)
- Standard type: visual display standard weight and standard weight functions from the keyboard
- Display: LCD, high resolution
- Diameter of disc weight: 16.5x14.2cm
- Size weight: 19.2x5.4x21mm
Weight: 0.8kg
Manufacturer: OHAUS-American


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