OKO Sonocon B (General and "UT Basic" version) 便携式超声波探伤仪 (General and "UT Basic" version)

Size: 4.5”
Resolution: 800×480
Probe connectors: 2 × BNC or 2 × LEMO-1 or 2 × LEMO-00
Analog output: Alarm
USB1: Type A
LAN: Yes
Types: Spike + Square Wave (SWP)
Voltage (SWP): 50 V, 100 V,150 V, 200 V,250 V, 300 V,400 V
Energy (SWP): 20 ns to 1000ns with 10 ns step Manual & Auto modes
Voltage (Spike): Low: 50 V; High: 300 V
Damping: Yes
PRF modes: Comfort, Low,Medium, High,Manual
PRF: from 15 to 6000 Hz
Phantoms control: 3 modes
Range (at steel longitudinal wave): 8 000 mm (314 in)
Gain: 0 to110 dB, with 0.1 dB step
Max signal input: 20 V p-p
Bandwidth: 0.2 MHz - 27 MHz
Filters: 0.2-27 MHz,0.2-10 MHz,2.0-21.5 MHz,8.0-26.5 MHz,0.5-4 MHz,0.2-1.2 MHz,1.5-8.5 MHz,5-15 MHz,0.4 MHz,0.5 MHz,1 MHz,1.25 MHz,2 MHz,2.25 MHz,2.5 MHz,3.5 MHz,4 MHz,5 MHz,7.5 MHz,10 MHz,15 MHz,20 MHz
Filters set choice: Yes
Rectification: RF, FW, Pos. HW,Neg. HW
TCG (TVG): 110 dB;110 dB/μs slope
Signal Average: OFF / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x / 32x / 64x
Reject (cutoff): 0-80% FSH
Number of gates: 2
Number of cursors: 2
Modes: 1, 2, C1, C2, 1-2, 1-C1, 1-C2, 2-C1, 2-C2, C1-C2
TOF Modes: Peak, Edge (Flank)
Amplitude measurement: up to 200% FSH
Units: mm / in / us
Output fields: 5
Number of gates: 2
Number of levels : 3
Flaws evaluation
AWS: Yes
DGS (AVG): Yes
DAC: Yes
DAC: Number of points: 128
EN 1712, EN 1713,
EN1714, JIS Z3060,
GB11345, GB 4730
Custom DAC curves: up to 6
DAC 20-80: Yes
DAC & TCG: Yes
Setups: Yes
Datasets (with A-Scans): Yes
Capacity: 2 GB (up to 64 GB)
PC software: Yes
Other Features
Coupling control: Yes
AGC: independent for both gates
Quick calibration : Yes
Quick estimate (Best signal catch): Yes
Auto XX % (50% or 80%) :Yes
Reference gain: Yes
Peak hold (collect, peak memory): Yes
Signals compare: Yes
Smart zoom: Yes
Choice of menu systems : Full
Simple 1
Simple 2
Keyboard backlight: Yes
Smart (Context) keyboard backlight: Yes
Number of keyboard shortcuts: 41
Dimensions: 241×112×134 mm3
Weight incl. battery: 0.95 kg
Operating temp. range: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
Dust & water protection: IP65
Battery life: 8 h
Replaceable battery: Yes

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