OKO Sonocon B (“Thickness gauge +” version) Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (“Thickness gauge +” version)

Type: Square Wave (SWP)
Autofit of the pulser parameters to the chosen probe: Voltage,Energy,Damping
Measurement frequency (readings refresh rate): 1 to 100 Hz
PRF mode: Auto (Calculated from set readings refresh rate, accounting for averaging rate)
Range (at steel longitudinal wave): 8 000 mm (314 in)
AGC: Individual to reach at 2 gates
AGC Modes: OFF / Edge / Peak
AGC Max Gain Modes: High, Medium, Low, Manual, Off
Auto filters choice (according to the probe type): Yes
Sound velocities range: 250 to 16000 m/s (.01 to .629 in/µs)
Measurement range: 0.4 to 16 000 mm (.016 to .629 in)
Readings resolution: 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 mm (0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 in)
Number of gates: 2
Modes : 1, 1-2
TOF Modes: Edge, Edge Zero Crossing
Units : mm / in
Min & Max capture mode: Yes
Differential mode: Yes
% of wear mode: Yes
Temperature compensation: Yes
Acquisition of a:
Thickness B-Scan: Yes
Thickness C-Scan: Yes
Measurements on the previously acquired:
Thickness B-Scan: Yes
Thickness C-Scan: Yes
Alarm & Display
Alarm types: Min, Max, Min&Max
Coupling loss alarm: Yes
Last reading (in coupling loss): Yes
A-Scan: Yes
Cursor (Detect Line): Yes
Thickness B-Scan: Yes
Thickness C-Scan: Yes
Multidimensional files: Browsing: Yes
Multidimensional files: File Statistics: Yes
Multidimensional files Meas. Site Statistics : Yes
1-point: Yes
2-points: Yes
Zeroing in the air: Yes
Zeroing on a built-in block: Yes
Setups: Yes
Multidimensional structured files: 1-3 dim
Number of readings per file : Up to 100 000
Number of files format: 6
Data attachments : Comments,A-Scans,
Thickness B-Scans,
Thickness C-Scans,
Capacity 2 GB (up to 64 GB)
PC software: Yes
Other Features
Keyboard backlight: Yes
Smart (Context) keyboard backlight: Yes
Smart zoom: Yes
Number of keyboard shortcuts2 29

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