OKO Sonocon Focus 相控阵超声波探伤仪

Operating frequencies of phase array probes: 2.5, 5 MHz
Max. number of elements in the phased array: 64
Max. number of elements in an active group: 16
Focal Laws: 
Linear scanning with / without focus;
Sectorial scanning with / without focusing;
Combined scanning with / without focusing;
Implementation of other laws.
Data display: 
Amplitude diagrams and etc.
Registration of testing process and results: 100 %

Reception path
Bandwidth of reception path: 1 – 10 MHz
Dynamic range of gain adjustment: 86 dB
Gain step: 0.4 dB
DAC gain curve independently by each channel: +

Pulser path
Type of pulser signals: Rectangular pulses.
Amplitude (voltage) of initial pulse: from 10 to 80 V with a step 10 V.
Pulse length: from 20 to 1275 ns, with a step.
Delay within one pulsing:… from 0 to 8 ms
Delay adjustment step, no more than: 10 ns
Accurate adjustment step, no more than : 1 ns
Pulse repetition frequency: from 30 Hz to 30 kHz.
Pulsing synchronization: from encoder, by time and from external source.

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