OKO UDS2-73 轨道探伤仪

Main specifications:
Overall dimensions of flaw detector without a handle and with one ultrasonic unit and power unit: no more than (1040×1640×1130) mm; 
in transport position – no more than (900×2060×600) mm.
Equipped flaw detector weight: no more than 75 kg.
Keypad: English, Russian.
Languages : English, Russian.
Number of ultrasonic units: 4
Number of ultrasonic channels: 28 channels.
Connector types: BNC, RS-19.
Data storage: Flash card.
Independent power source: 
NiMH storage battery of rated voltage 12 V and rated capacity 17 А∙h.
Operation time: 8 hours.
Flaw detector consumed electric power: no more than 30 V•А.
Time of flaw detector operation mode setup: no more than 15 sec.
Display resolution: 800×480 pixels.
Screen dimensions (width, height, diagonal): 155 mm, 95 mm, 180 mm (7.5 inches).

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