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Onosokki LC-8300A 高灵敏度GPS车速表 (0 - 10V)

Measurement Accuracy: Horizontal Speed: 0.1 to 500.0 km/h/±0.1 km/h or less. Horizontal Distance: ±0.1 %

Standard Measurement Items: Horizontal speed (km/h), horizontal distance (m), time (s), UTC time, number of satellite capture, HDOP(Horizontal Dilution of Precision), heading (°), North speed (km/h), East speed (km/h), North distance (m), East distance (m), latitude (dms), longitude (dms), altitude (m)

Optional Measurement Items: Lateral distance (m), vertical speed (km/h), vertical distance (m), VDOP(Vertical Dilution of Precision) , lateral sideslip amount (m), travelling distance (m), roll angle (°), pitch angle (°), yaw angle (°), X acceleration (m/s2), Y acceleration (m/s2), Z acceleration (m/s2), X angular speed (°/s), Y angular speed (°/s), Z angular speed (°/s), gradient (%)

Update (output) Frequency: 100 Hz

General Specifications: Power requirement: DC 9 to 28 V (non-isolation), AC 100 to 240 V (AC adapter used : option)

Outer Dimensions: Main unit: Approximately 170 × 120 × 40 mm (not including protruded section) Approximately 750 g | Display unit: Approximately 132 × 86 × 33 mm (not including protruded section) Approximately 450 g | Remote box: Approximately 115 x 45 x 20 mm (not including protruded section) Approximately 80 g | Antenna: Approximately Φ57 × 15 mm (antenna section) Approximately 110 g

Output: Speed analog output: Range 0 to 10V | SI Units: 0 to 10 V/0 to 500.0 km/h | Mile units: 0 to 10 V/0 to 250.0 mile/h

Output: Distance pulse output: Resolution SI Units: 10, 5, 1 mm/pulse | Output delay time: 10 ms or less | Output signal: Square wave pulse output Hi 5 V ± 0.5 V, Lo 0.5 V or less | Duty: 50 % ± 10 % | Load resistance: Load 10 kΩ or more

Input: Voltage input: Number of channels: 4 | Resolution: 16 | Range: ±20 V | Cutoff frequency: 50 Hz | Others: Trigger function for starting or terminating measurement according to voltage

Input: Pulse input: Number of channels: 1 | Input coupling: AC or DC Function: Pulse count/frequency/duty | Input waveform: DC selected, square wave

Standard Accessories: Touch Panel Display Unit (3m Cable Attached), Remote Box (2m Cable Attached), GPS/GLONASS Antenna, Power Cable for Cigarette Lighter Socket (3m), Pin Jack - BNC Cable (2m), USB Cable for PC (2m), CAN Branch Cable (0.3m), USB Memory, Installation CD, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, Mount Adaptor for Display Unit, Base Plate for Mount Adaptor.



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