Ophir Ariel 高功率热传感器 (50W-12kW)

Absorber Type: LP2

Aperture: Ø32mm

Spectral Range: 440-550nm, 900-1100nm, 2.94μm, 10.6μm

Power Range: 200mW-8kW

Energy Range: Up to 2.4kJ

Backscattered Power: LP2 absorber: 4% (<2200 nm), 10% (2940 nm), 25% (10.6 µm); With window: 5%; With Diffuser: 25%

Dimensions: 70 L x 70 W x 80 D (mm)

Max Pulse Energy: N.A.

Max Average Power Density: N.A.

Response Time: 3 s

Max Energy Density (for <100ns): N.A.

Max Energy Density (for 2ms): N.A.

Max Average Power: 8kW

BeamTrack Functions: N.A.

Compliance: CE, UKCA, China RoHS



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