OWON AG1022F 双通道DSS信号发生器(25Mhz,2CH,调制)

Model AG1012 AG1012F AG1022 AG1022F AG2052F AG2062F Channel dual Frequency Output 10MHz 25MHz 50MHz 60MHz Sample Rate 125MS/s 250MS/s Vertical Resolution 14 bits Waveform Standard Waveform Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, and Noise Arbitrary Waveform Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sin(x)/x, Step Wave, and others, total 45 built-in waveforms,
and user-defined arbitrary waveform Frequency (resolution 1μHz) Sine 1μHz - 10MHz 1μHz - 25MHz 1μHz - 50MHz 1μHz - 60MHz Square 1μHz - 5MHz 1μHz - 25MHz 1μHz - 30MHz Pulse 1μHz - 5MHz 1μHz - 10MHz Ramp 1μHz - 1MHz Noise 25MHz (-3dB) (typical) 50MHz (-3dB) (typical) Arbitrary Waveform 1μHz - 10MHz Amplitude Amplitude 1m Vpp - 10 Vpp (50Ω), 1m Vpp - 20 Vpp (high impedance) Resolution 1mVpp or 14 bits DC Offset Range 
(AD+DC) ±5V (50Ω), ±10V (high impedance) DC Offset Range Resolution 1mV Load Impedance 50Ω (typical) Arbitrary Waveform Wave Length 2 pts to 8K pts 2 pts to 1M pts Sample Rate 125MS/s 250MS/s Vertical Resolution 14 bits Non-volatile Memory 26 waveforms Modulation Modulation Waveform / AM, FM, PM, FSK,
Linear / Logarithm Sweep,
and Burst / AM, FM, PM, FSK,
Linear / Logarithm Sweep,
and Burst Modulation Frequency / 2mHz to 20.00KHz
(FSK 1μHz - 100KHz) / 2mHz to 20.00KHz
(FSK 1μHz - 100KHz) Counter Function / Frequency Period, +Width,
-Width  +Duty, and -Duty / Frequency Period, +Width,
-Width  +Duty, and -Duty Frequency Range / 100mHz ~ 200MHz / 100mHz ~ 200MHz Frequency Resolution / 6 digits / 6 digits Input / Output Display 4 inch (480 × 320 pixels) TFT LCD Type external reference 
clock input / output counter,
external modulation
input / output,
external trigger
input / output,
external reference clock
input / output external reference 
clock input / output counter,
external modulation
input / output,
external trigger
input / output,
external reference clock
input / output Communication Interface USB host, USB device, RS232 Mechanical Dimension (W×H×D) 235 × 110 × 295 (mm) Weight (without package) 3.00 kg - See more at: http://www.owon.com.hk/products_info.asp?ProID=177#sthash.XhhhtX

Model    AG1022F
Bandwidth     25MHZ
Channel    Dual
Sample Rate    125MSa/S
Vertical Resolution    14bits
Amplitude Flatness    20mVPP-20VPP
Standard waveforms    Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Noise
Arbitrary waveforms    Sinc,Exponential Rise and Decay, DC, User defined
Frequency Characteristics    125MSa/s,Resolution 1μHz
Sine    1 μHz - 25MHz
Square    1 μHz - 5MHz
Pulse    1 μHz - 5MHz
Ramp    1 μHz - 1MHz
Arbitrary waveforms
Wavelength    2 to 8Kpts
Sample Rate    125MSa/s
Vertical Resolution    14bits
Non-Volatile Memory    4 waveforms
Amplitude characteristics
Amplitude    10mVPP-10VPP(50Ω), 20mVPP-20VPP(High Impedance)
Resolution    1mVPP or 14bits
DC Offset Range (AD+DC)    ±5V(50Ω)、±10V(High Impedance)
DC Offset Range Resolution    1mV
Load Impedance    50Ω(typical)
Modulationwaveform    AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM,Linear/Logarithm Sweep and  Burst
Modulation Frequency    2mHz to 20.00KHz (FSK 1μHz - 100KHz)
Counter Specifications
Function    Frequency, Period, Positive/Negtive Pulse Width, Duty Cycle
Frequcy Range    1uHz to 200MHz
Frequcy Resolution    6 digits/second
Input / Output
Display    3.9-inch(480×320) TFT LCD
Type    external reference clock input/output
Interface    USB Host,USB Device,RS232
Dimensions(W×H×D)    235×110×295(mm)
Weight(without package)    3 KG


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