PACE XR 3700 实时X射线检测系统((70kV)

- Ideal for inspecting BGAs, CSPs and other components for solder bridging, cold solder joints, missing solder balls and solder voids. Use as a stand-alone inspection system with composite video compatible monitor (not included) or in conjunction with the PACE TF or IR series BGA Area Array System to compare real-time images to a user built library for easy identification of process defects. Store images electronically too.

- Images can be viewed, stored and managed through software or viewed on a stand-alone monitor
- Real-time X-Ray images gives you immediate feedback
- CameraHigh resolution with 7-40 X Zoom
- Max PCB Size:760 mm x Unlimited (30" x unlimited)
- Focal Spot: 0.2mm (.008")
- Focal spot to image distance plane: 124mm (4.875")
- Adjustments:
+ Voltage (10 to 70kv),
+ Amperage,
+ Live or Capture Video signal,
+ Frame averaging up to 32000 frames, & Video Gain Adjustment
- Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mmv
- Opening Clearance: 40mm (1.5") 120 V System, 19mm (.75") 230 V System





XR 3700 Benchtop X-Ray Inspection System

Affordable Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System for Rework Operations

PACE XR 3700 is approximately half the size and half the price of systems with comparable performance, and is ideal for inspecting BGAs, CSPs, QFN, SOIC, DI and other electronic components for solder bridging, cold solder joints, missing solder balls and solder voids. It supports numerous other applications, including bare-board multilayer inspection, counterfeit parts screening, verification of lead/pad coplanarity, qualifying hole-to-pad alignment, and checking IC, resistors and capacitors for internal damage, to name a few. The unit provides immediate feedback on your process using real time images. Images can be viewed through PACE’s TF or IR Series software or through an optional, flat screen monitor when used as a stand-alone unit. The XR 3700 has been designed with portability in mind so it is able to fit easily on the benchtop and can be relocated quickly. Featuring a powerful 65 kV X-Ray tube, patented camera technology, and outstanding 7 - 40x zoom capability, the XR 3700 is able to identify a wide range of anomalies, as small as .025mm (.001").

Interconnection Anomalies Identified by the XR 3700

Interconnection Anomalies Identified by the XR 3700

Advanced Features

XR3700 exploded view


XR3700 Lead-Shielded Curtain and Lead-Acrylic WindowLead-Shielded Curtain and Lead-Acrylic Viewing Window
A lead-shielded curtain allows operator to move large or small boards freely during inspection, while keeping any x-rays from escaping. A transparent lead-acrylic window allows for easy and enhanced viewing of part/pcb.




XR3700 User-Friendly front panel controlOperator-Friendly Front Panel Design
Incorporates a non-complex, intuitive, non-intimidating front panel design, providing 7-40x zoom magnification, contrast control, "live" vs "freeze-frame" view and Image Averaging which sharpens detail significantly.




XR3700 Zoom animationUp to 40x Magnification
The XR 3700 can variably magnify x-ray detail up to 40 times on a monitor, without having to move the object towards the x-ray source, resulting in a high-res x-ray inspection system that is more compact and lower in cost.




XR3700 is extremely portable and fits on any bench!Compact & Lightweight ... Fits on Any Bench!
Measuring only 15.5"H x 18"W x 23"D (394mm H x 457mm W x 585mm D) and weighing only 86 lbs (39 Kg), the XR 3700 takes up minimal bench real estate and is perfect for lean environments with limited space.




XR3700 Software Defect LibraryIdentify Anomalies with Defect Image Library
Common defect images are included with the software that operators can refer to, to compare a live image of their work with a reference image, allowing operators to identify defects using a customizable defect image library.




XR3700 is compatible with all PACE BGA Rework Systems, including TF 1800, TF 2700, IR 3000 and TF 1700.Compatible with PACE BGA Rework Systems
The XR 3700 is compatible with PACE BGA Rework Stations, including IR 3000 Infrared Rework System, TF 1800 Inductive-Convection Rework System and TF 2700 and TF 1700 ThermoFlo BGA Rework Systems.




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