Palintest SA1100 铅分析仪/ 铜/ 重金属/ 浓度 (2 – 100 µg/l (Pb), 50 – 2000 µg/l (Cu))


- Measuring System: Voltammetry

- Range: 2 – 100 µg/l Lead

50 – 2000 µg/l Copper

- Display: High clarity LCD with backlight

- Optimum Temperature: 15 – 30°C

- User Interface: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language options

- Connectivity: USB-B

- Data Storage: 500 results including date, time, test ID and sample ID

- Size (W x L x H) & Weight: 170 x 126 x 116mm,, 975g (including batteries)

- Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries

SA1100 Lead Test Kit (PT430)

SA1100 Copper Test Kit (PT431)





- Rapid confirmation of contamination

The test delivers quick results, meaning immediate action can be taken to minimise the impact of contamination.

- High sensitivity, even at lower levels

With a lower limit of detection of 2 ppb of lead or 50 ppb of copper, the SA1100 provides high accuracy even when detecting the smallest heavy metal contamination.

- Advanced voltammetry method

The SA1100 can accurately determine concentrations of lead and copper in a wide range of sample types.

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