Palintest SK 200 土壤肥力检测套件


Visual Testing Hardware: Soil tester for soil pH. Soil tester for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphate (P). Double Tube Assembly for Potassium (K).

Reagents: Complete reagent set for 50 tests for soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphate and potassium including extraction and test reagents 

Sample Preparation/ Accessories: De-ion pack, soil sample bags, soil scoops, filter funnel and paper, sample container/dilution tubes, crush/stir rods, cuvette brush 

Ancillaries: Shoulder bag 





- In field soil macronutrients testing

Visual test equipment and reagents to measure soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N/P/K) macronutrients using simple visual soil testing methods.

- Portable and lightweight kit

Complete soil test kit including reagents and hardware contained in a single shoulder case.

- Ideal for agronomists, farming and fertiliser professionals

Developed specifically for portable use by a range of users such as agronomists, farming and fertiliser professionals.

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