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PCE SCI-P 电流测量传感器 (4~20 mA, 0 ~10 VDC)

Inputs: 4~20 mA, 0 ~10 VDC, Pt100 3-wire, Pt100 2-wire, Pt500, Pt1000, Thermocouple J, Thermocouple K, Thermocouple T, Thermocouple E, Thermocouple S, Thermocouple R, Thermocouple N, Thermocouple C, Thermocouple B, 0~1 MΩ, 0~1 kΩ, 0~100 kΩ, 0~10 kΩ, pot. nominal 250 Ω~15 kΩ, NTC 44004, NTC 44005, NTC 44006, NTC 44007, NTC 44008, NTC 44030, NTC 44031, NTC 44032, NTC 44033, NTC 44034, NTC 10K, 3500

Outputs: 4~20 mA, 0~10 VDC

Display type: 7 segment, 2 digits

Safety standard: CAT II / 300V

Insulation: 3000 Vrms for 60 s (input, output, supply)

Menu language: English

Protection class (device): IP30

Power supply: 24~240 V DC ±10%, 45~65 Hz, isolated

Weight: 130 g

Dimensions (LxWxH): 110 x 22 x 118 mm

Operating conditions: 0~50 °C, 0~95 % r.H

Storage conditions: -20~70 °C, 0~95 % r.H

Delivery scope:

 1 x Current Measuring Transducer PCE-SCI-P

 1 x operating instructions


Current Measuring Transducer for process signals, temperatures, resistors and potentiometers. Offers a wide range of configuration options for converting signals. The output signal can be selected between 4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 VDC can be selected for the output signal.

Configurable for measuring 4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 VDC process signals, both active and passive. If required, the universal measuring transducer provides an excitation voltage to supply the transducer with current. Type J,K,N,E,T,R,S,C,B thermocouples can also be connected. Furthermore, thermoresistors Pt100 (2 and 3 wires), Pt500 and Pt1000, several NTC sensors, resistors and potentiometer signals.

The universal measuring transducer has a universal power supply from 18 to 265 VAC/DC and 3-way insulation between input, output and current circuits.

The input and output signal ranges are customisable via a keypad with front display. The Current Measuring Transducer has a "password" function to block unauthorised access to the configuration menu. It also has an "SOS" mode to assist with critical maintenance and repair work without interfering with the manufacturing process. Designed for industrial use, with potential integration into a wide range of applications.

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