PCE EM 29 电磁场(EMF)仪表


Frequency range: 50MHz to 3.5GHz

Sensor type: Electrical field (E)

Measurements: 3 dimensions, isotropic

Measurement range: 38 mV/m to 11 V/m

Range selection: Automatic

Response time: 1 s (up to 90% of value)

Units of measurement: mV/m , V/m , µgA/m , mA/m ,

µgW/m² , mW/m²

Resolution: 0.1mV/m; 0.1 µgA/m; 0.01 µgW/m²

Absolute error (with 1V/m and 50MHz): ±1.0dB

Accuracy (depending on the frequency): ±1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9GHz)

±2.4dB (1.9GHz to 3.5GHz)

Isotropic deviation: ±1.0dB (for frequencies >50 MHz)

Over range maximum value: 4.2 W/m² (40 V/m)

Deviation owing to temperature: ±1.5dB

Display: 4-digit LCD

Refresh rate: Every 400ms

Limit: Adjustable

Alarm: Acoustic signal to indicate over range limit exceeded

Calibration: Adjustable

Calculates average value: Adjustable from 4s to 15min

Memory: 99 readings (can be shown on the display)

Functions: Current, maximum and average value

Power: 9V battery

Weight: 350g / 0.78 lb (with battery)


Delivery contents

1 x PCE-EM 29 electromagnetic field (EMF) meter

1 x spherical triaxial sensor

1 x battery

1 x user manual

1 x carrying case 



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