PCE FM1000 测力计 (0 ~100 kg/0~ 981N; 0,05 kg / 0,2N)

Technical specifications:

Measurement range: 0 to 100 kg/0 to 981N

Resolution: 0.05 kg/0.2N

Accuracy: ±0.5% +2 digits/±5N

Measuring units: Grams/Newton

Maximum overload: 50% (up to 150 kg)

Connection port: RS-232

Software and RS-232 cable: optional

Data transmission rate of software: 

Data is transfered to a computer, using the software, at a rate of one reading every 2 seconds.

The force tester can trasfer data at a quicker rate when transferring from memory to a computer, one reading every 0.25 seconds using Windows hyper terminal.

Display: 5 digit LCD; 10 mm

Measurement functions: measures traction and compression with Peak Hold function

Power: 6  AA batteries or mains adaptor


dynamometric cell: 130 x 51 x 19 mm (from clasp to clasp)

                   64 x 51 x 19 mm (without hook/clasp)                              

force tester: 227 x 83 x 39 mm


external dynamometric cell: 380 g

force tester: 450 g

Delivery Scope

1 x PCE-FM1000 force tester with external cell

1 x 2 m cable

1 x carrying case

1 x user manual



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