PCE-UTU 10 材料试验台(0.2~10 kN)

Manufacturer: PCE-ANH

Model : PCE-UTU 10

Warranty : 12 months


Rated load: 50 kN

Accuracy class: 0.5 / EN 7500-1

Drive: controlled DC motor

Test speed: 0.001 ... 500 mm/min, Resolution: 1 µm

Distance measurement: incremental

Standard stroke: 1000 mm (Without tensioning and tensioning adapters)

Work-life: 450 mm

Supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz


2 ground guide columns

2 ball circulating spindles

Column cover with bellows seal

Limit switch for travel limit

Powder coated housing parts

Colour: RAL 7035

Safety devices:

Enclosure from Makrolon

Safety switching contact

Measurements: HxWxD 1330 x 650 x 530 mm

Weight: ca. 140 kg

Force transducer for UPM

Installed underneath the mobile traverse for compressive and tensile forces.

Measuring range: 1 ... 50 kN

Nominal value: 2 mV/V

Relative characteristic deviation: ≤ ±0.1 %

Relative linearity deviation: ≤ ±0.02 %

Relative creep error: ≤ ±0.03 % after 30 min

≤ ±0.07 % after 8 h

Accuracy class: to EN ISO 7500-1, Class 0.5

Overload: 50 %

Protection class: IP 67

TEDS module: integrated, to IEEE 1451-4

automatic sensor detection

Control and evaluation electronics

Measured value acquisition: 1 kHz

Display: LC-Display

Interface: RS-232


Force regulation

Distance regulation

Manual positioning

Processing of a programmed sequence

Specification of the crosshead speed

Return to the starting position


Presetting limits for force / distance / time

Resetting the force / distance indicator to 0

Adjustable control factor

Breaking recognition

Maximum value memory

For 2 force transducer: choice of the work area

Intelligent measuring and control electronics

Processor: 32 bit RISC architecture

Control circuit: > 1 kHz

TEDS module:

Automatic sensor detection

Standard IEEE 1451-4

Interface: USB 2.0

A/D converter: 2 x 24 bit A/D converter for strain gauge transducers

Sampling rate: > 50 kHz

2 x 10 bit A/D converter for processing additional signals

Sampling rate: > 50 kHz

1 x Incremental signal input for distance / angle measurement



- Toolbox for free programming of test sequences

- Toolbox for free programming of calculations

- Freely configurable real-time graph with three axis overlay, free scaling and manual evaluation function

- Freely configurable report format with integration of image files

- Order and lot-bound storage or export of test sequences, calculation results and raw material data

- Integrated user management

- Can be automated

- Networkable

- Multilingual

- Machine-bound license, multi workplace

Basic configuration for material testing:

1 x Test template for tensile tests

1 x Test template for compressive, flexural or alternating load tests

1 x Test template for testing compression or tension springs


Delivery contents

1 x material test stand PCE-UTU 10

1 x force transducer (including mounting material, plug, socket and cabling)

1 x control and evaluation electronics

1 x intelligent measuring and control technology (including slave module)

1 x software

1 x instruction manual

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