PHANTOM v1612 高速相机 (25,700 fps)

The v1612 has interchangeable lens mounts.  It is possible to switch between Nikon, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) quickly. This enhances workflow possibilities by eliminating lengthy down times and ensure the right lens can be used for the right situation.

CMOS sensor (1280 x 800 pixels)

Throughput: 16 Gpx/s

ISO Monochrome 32,000D; 100,000T

ISO Color 6,400D; 10,000T

Exposure: 1 µs minimum exposure standard, 500 ns minimum exposure with FAST option (export controlled)

Memory: 72 GB, 144 GB, 288 GB high-speed internal RAM

Connectivity: 10 Gb Ethernet

CineMag IV for non-volatile storage (1 TB, 2 TB)



UHS Series Manual

CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Non-CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Spectral Response Curve

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