PHANTOM v1840 高速相机 (4,510 - 8,570 fps)

The Phantom v1840 provides excellent 4Mpx image quality while reaching 4,510 fps at full resolution of 2048x1952.

Throughput: 18 Gpx/second

It has dynamic range of 64.1dB and noise of only 7.2e- for clear, detailed images.

Standard Mode: ISO 16,000D (Monochrome), 3,200D (Color)

Exposure: 1 µs minimum exposure standard, 499ns minimum exposure in Standard mode and 142ns minimum exposure in HS mode with FAST option (export controlled)

The v1840 has up to 5 operating modes for maximum flexibility: Standard, High Speed (HS), High Speed Bright Field, Standard Binned and High Speed Binned. The binned modes on a color camera will produce a monochrome image.

Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) in standard mode provides the cleanest images possible for images with dark regions. 

Memory: 72 GB, 144 GB, 288 GB high-speed internal RAM

10Gb Ethernet standard

CineMag IV and V for non-volatile storage (up to 8TB)



CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Non-CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Spectral Response Curve

UHS Series Manual

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