PHANTOM V2512 超高速摄影机 (25700FPS, Color, 144GB)


    Sensor type: CMOS

    Maximum resolution: 1280x800

    Pixel size: 28 µm 

    Bit depth: 12-bit

    Sensor size: 35.8 mmx22.4 mm

    ISO daylight: Color 6,400D; 

    ISO tungsten: Color 10,000T

    Exposure index: 6,400-32,000 (color)

Frame rates & exposure:

    Frame rate: 25,700 FPS at max resolution 1280x800 pixels

    Maximum FPS: 663,280 at 128x16; 1,000,000 at 256x32 with FAST option

    Minimum FPS: 100

    CAR increments: 640x8

    Minimum exposure: 1 µs standard, 265 ns with FAST option (export controlled)

    Exposure feature: Auto-Exposure


    Memory: 144 GB high-speed internal RAM

    Record times: 7.6 seconds at maximum frame rate, 12 bits, 1280x800 resolution and into maximum internal memory


    AC power: 100-240VAC, 280W

    Voltage range: 20-28V

    Power consumption: max 230W

Ships standard with:

    Power supply

    Ethernet cable

    Capture cable

    Phantom PCC software

    Getting Started Guide



UHS Series Manual

CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Non-CineMag Compatible Mechanical Drawing

Spectral Response Curve

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