PHYWE 63206-99 立体显微镜

- Function and Applications:

Versatile binocular microscope for a wide range of biological and material science applications

- Benefits:

Improved optical and mechanical design

Clear and high-contrast imaging due to multi-coated lenses

Improved illumination concepts

- Equipment and Technical Data:

Tube binocular / phototube 45° viewing angle, 360° rotatable, SZ23

Beam splitting: visual 100% or 100% on photo output/right eyepiece (photo tube)

Wide field eyepieces WF10X/23mm, incl. eyecups

Diopter compensation on both eyepieces

Zoom factor 6.7:1, working distance 110mm

Magnification range: 7.5X - 50X

Incident & transmitted light stand with wide base plate and head holder

Coarse drive, adjustable

Adjustable LED incident & transmitted light illumination 3W

Transmitted light with adjustable reflector (oblique illumination)

Change-over switch for coupling of a flexible light guide

Power supply 100-240V, VDE-plug (CE)

Stage inserts black/white and frosted glass, dust cover

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