Pico PC 5444B USB采样示波器(4通道,200MHz,62.5MS / s)

Number of channels 4
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 200 MHz
Rise time (calculated, 10% to 90%) 1.8 ns
Any 1 channel 62.5MS/s
Buffer memory** (8-bit) 512 MS
Timebase accuracy (drift) ±50 ppm (±5 ppm/year)
Source All channels
Trigger modes None, Auto, Repeat, Single, Rapid (segmented memory)
Advanced triggers Edge, Window, Pulse width, Window pulse width, Dropout, Window dropout, Interval, Runt pulse, Logic
Trigger types (ETS mode) Rising, falling
Sensitivity Digital triggering provides 1 LSB accuracy up to full bandwidth of scope. • ETS mode: Typical 10 mV p-p, at full bandwidth
Maximum pre-trigger capture 100% of capture size
Maximum post-trigger capture 4 billion samples
Trigger re-arm time < 2 μs on fastest timebase
Maximum trigger rate Up to 10,000 waveforms in a 20 ms burst
Functions −x, x+y, x−y, x*y, x/y, x^y, sqrt, exp, ln, log, abs, norm, sign, sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan, sinh, cosh, tanh,
delay, average, frequency, derivative, integral, min, max, peak, duty, highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop
Operands A, B, C, D (input channels), T (time), reference waveforms, pi
Scope mode AC RMS, true RMS, frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, DC average, falling rate, rising rate, low pulse width, high pulse width, fall time, rise time, minimum, maximum, peak to peak
Spectrum mode Frequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, THD %, THD dB, THD+N, SFDR, SINAD, SNR, IMD
Statistics Minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation
Protocols 1-Wire, ARINC 429, CAN, CAN-FD, DCC, DMX512, Ethernet 10Base-T, Ethernet 100Base-TX, FlexRay, I²C, I²S, LIN, PS/2, SENT, SPI, UART (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485), USB
Statistics Pass/fail, failure count, total count
Interpolation Linear or sin(x)/x
Persistence modes Digital color, analog intensity, custom, fast
Accessories USB cable(s), 2 or 4 probes in probe case, AC adaptor for 4-channel scope

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