Polimaster PM1401K / KM 便携式放射性核素测定设备

- Detector: CsI(Tl)
- Sensitivity, no less than
+ On 241Am: 200 (s-1) / (μSv/h); 2.0 (s-1) / (μR/h)
+ On 137Cs: 200 (s-1 / (μSv/h); 2.0 (s-1 / (μR/h)
- Energy range of gamma radiation: 0.06 - 3.0 MeV
- Energy range in Search Mode: 0.03 - 3.0 MeV
- Coefficient n setting range, 
(the number of mean square 
deviations of background): 1.0 - 9.9
- The number of accumulation channels of the 
scintillation spectra: 1024
- The number of spectra, stored in non-volatile memory: up to 100
- Detection of gamma radiation sources at a distance of 
0.2m (0.7 ft ), velocity of 0.5 m/s (1.64 ft/s )
and level of radiation background of no more than 
0,25 μSv/h (25 μR/h) when the activity of the sources is: 
+ 133Ba:  55.0 kBq
+ 137Cs: 100.0 kBq
+ 60Co: 50.0 kBq
- Detection of the sampling sources at a distance of 
0,2m (0.7 ft), velocity of 0.5m/s (1.64 ft/s) 
and level of radiation background no more 
than 0,25 μSv/h (25 μR/h) when the weight 
of the sources is: 
+ Pu: 0.3 g
+ U:  10 g
- Neutron search channel:
+ Detector: Slow neutron counter
+ Energy range: 0.025 eV - 14 MeV
+  Coefficient n setting range, 
(the number of mean square deviations of background): 1.0 - 9.9
+  Detection of the 252Сf alternative source with
neutron flux 1,5х104 s-1
at a distance of 1 m (3.28 ft ), velocity of 0.5 m/s 
(1.64 ft/s) and the level of radiation background of 
no more than 0.25 μSv/h (25 μR/h ), 
equivalent of plutonium:  250 g
- Measuring gamma-channel
+ Detector:  GM-counter
+ Dose equivalent rate measurement range (DER): 0.1 µSv/h - 100 mSv/h
+ Energy range: 0.015 - 15 MeV
+ Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV (137Cs) in the photon radiation 
measuring mode, (%) no more: 
within the energy range from 0.015 up to 0.045 MeV ±40%
within the energy range from 0.045 up to 15.0 MeV ±30%
+  The allowable limits of the main relative error of DER
measurement (where H is the DER value in mSv/h) ± (15 + 0.0015/H) %
- Measuring alpha and beta channel
+ Detector: GM-counter
+ Alpha-flux density measurement range: from 15 min-1xcm-2
to 105 min-1xcm-2
+ The minimal detectable flux density: from 2 min-2xcm-1
+ The limits of allowable main relative error of measurement
of the α- flux density on 239Pu 
(where φ - the measured density of α-flux 
in min-1cm-2 А
coefficient equal 450 min-1cm-2): ± (20 + А/φ)%
+ β-flux density measurement range: from 6 min-1cm-2 to 105 min-1cm-2
+ The limits of allowable main relative error of measurement of β-particles 
within the range on 90Sr+90Y
(where φ - the measured density of β-flux in 
min-1cm-2 А,
coefficient equal 60 min-1cm-2): ± (20 + А/φ)%
- General specifications
Identification of radionuclides:
+ Special nuclear materials: 233U, 235U, 237Np, Pu
+ Medical radionuclides: 18F, 67Ga, 51Cr, 75Se, 89Sr, 
99Mo, 99mTc,103Pd, 111In, 123I, 131I,
153Sm, 201Ti, 133Xe
+ Naturally occurring radioactive materials: 40K, 226Ra, 232Th and daughters, 
238U and daughters
+ Industrial radionuclides: 57Co, 60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs, 192Ir, 
226Ra, 241Am
- Alarming devices: visual (LCD), audible built-in,and external vibration
- Data transfer communication channels: IRDA (IR-channel), Bluetooth (radio-channel)
- Battery lifetime 600 h
- Battery AA
- Operating conditions
+ temperature range, °С (°F ): -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
+ relative humidity at 35 °С (95 °F ): up to 95% at 35°C (95°F)
- Protection degree: IP65
- Weight: 650 g (22.9 oz)
- Dimensions: 242 x 58 x 57 mm (9½ x 2¼ x 2¼ )

 The PM1401K / KM is a unique light-weight multipurpose hand held radionuclide identifier designed for easy detection and location of the alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources, precise measurement of the alpha and beta surface contamination levels and gamma dose rate, and reliable identification of the radioisotopes. For example, the PM1401K / KM is able to distinguish between naturally occurring radiation materials (NORM), medical isotopes, industrial sources of radiation, which are potentially dangerous to the general population, and of the sources of radiation that are inherently dangerous, such as weapons-grade nuclear materials.

PM1401K is equipped with alpha, beta, gamma and neutron detectors.
PM1401KM is equipped with alpha, beta and gamma detectors.
The PM1401K / KM performs the following functions:
Isotope identification: both a single radionuclide and their mixtures.
Detect, search and locate the alpha, beta, gamma (both modifications) and neutron (only PM1401K) radiation sources including nuclear weapon materials;
Measurement of the alpha and beta surface contamination levels;
Accurate measurement of the dose rate;
User alert of the presence of a radiation source through audible and vibrating alarms;
Recording and storing up to 500 event and 100 gamma spectra in its non-volatile memory;
Transmitting all of the recorded data via IR or radio (Bluetooth) channels to a PC or PDA.
PoliIdentify software for radionuclide identification on PC or PDA.
In contrast to the conventional radionuclide identifiers which need a calibration source build in and/or a regular calibration procedure for correct operation, the PM1401K / KM does not require calibration due to the stable parameters of the CsI(Tl) crystal deployed in unique scintillation crystal-photodiode packing technology. The PM1401K / KM can be used for the radioisotope identification of the radiation source using its build-in Bluetooth communication module and Polimaster proprietary identification software for PDA or laptop PC.
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