POLIMASTER PM1621 X及伽马辐射个人剂量计

- Detector: GM tube
- Dose Rate display: 0.01 μSv/h - 0.2 Sv/h  (1 μR/h - 20 R/h), Hp(10)
- Dose Rate Accuracy: ±(15+0.0015/H +0.01H)% (in range 0.1 µSv/h - 0.1 Sv/h, where H - dose rate in mSv/h)
- Dose measurement: 0.01 μSv - 9.99 Sv (1 μR - 999 R)
- Dose Accuracy: ± 15% (in range 1 μSv - 9.99 Sv  (100 μR - 999 R))
- Energy range: 10.0 KeV - 20.0 MeV
- Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV  (137Cs) :  ±30%
- Survive after momentary influence of maximum permissible gamma radiation within 5 min: 1 Sv/h (100 R/h)
- Standards compliance:Meets most relevalnt parts of IEC 61526, and ANSI N42.20
- Alarm type: visual, audio
- Physical Parameters: 
+ Dimensions 87 x 72 x 39 mm
+ Weight 165 g
- Environmental Characteristics
+  Temperature : -40 up to +60 °С (from -40 up to +140 °F)
+  Humidity : up to 98% at 95°F (35°C)
- Environmental protection: IP67
- Drop test: 0.7 m (2.4 ft)
- Water resistant : 1 m ( up to 3.3 ft)
- Power
+ Batteries: One AA battery
+ Battery lifetime: 12 months
+ Battery discharge control: LCD indication
- Additional
+ Countdown timer:X  
+ Display of time to critical exposure:yes
+ Functions :X  
+ Calendar mode :X  
- PC Communication :IRDA

 Unique electronic personal radiation dosimeters for measurement of the exposure levels from X-ray and gamma radiation sources and recording even the minor fluctuations of the natural radiation background.

Polimaster PM1621 Personal X-ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters are professional energy-compensated instruments. These dosimeters monitor and measure the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and personal dose equivalent rate Hp(10) from both gamma and X-ray radiation. Their ability to compensate for the energy variations in the range from 10 keV upto 20MeV allows these personal dosimeters to make extremely accurate measurements.
The dosimeters unique characteristics allow users to monitor personal irradiation levels from photon radiation sources, preventing overexposure. The instruments are highly sensitive and can register even the slightest changes in the natural background radiation.
Recommended for the protection of the professionals who work with or around radioactive materials from accidental and unknown radiation exposure, the PM1621 and PM1621A instruments perform the following functions:
Monitoring and measuring the gamma and X-ray dose and dose rate across a wide energy range up to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h);
Alerting the user via an audible alarm when the preset dose and/or dose rate thresholds are exceeded;
Recording and storing data for up to 1000 events in their non-volatile memory;
Transmitting all recorded data via an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.
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