Polimaster PM1912 RadFlashII 伽马探测器

- Detector: Geiger-Muller
- Dose Rate display: indication range 0.01 μSv/h - 10 mSv/h (dispay on PC in real time via USB)   measurement range 0.1 μSv/h - 10 mSv/h
- Dose Rate Accuracy : ± 20 %
- Dose measurement: 1 μSv - 10 Sv
- Dose Accuracy: up to ± 20 %
- Energy range:0.06 - 1.33 MeV
- Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV (137Cs) : ± 30 %
- Survive after momentary influence of maximum permissible gamma radiation within 5 min:  
- Standards compliance
- Alarm type:LED indicator lights
- Physical Parameter: 
 + Dimensions  88 x 22 x 20 mm
+ Weight 20 g
- Environmental Characteristics
- Temperature : 0 to +50 0C
- Humidity: up to 93% at +30 0C
- Environmental protection: IP20
- Drop test: 1.5 m on concrete surface
- Water resistant:   
- Power  Batteries: Built-in rechargeable battery (charged via USB)
- Battery lifetime: 500 h at average background < 0.3 μSv/h
- Battery discharge control:  
- Additional 
- Countdown timer:  
- Display of time to critical exposure:  
- Functions
- Calendar mode:  
- PC Communication: USB

 Compact and sensitive Gamma Detector PM 1912 RadFlashII designed in the form of USB flash drive with networked software package Flash Radiation Monitor .

It is intended to be used by everyone. The range of tasks includes control of cumulative individual radiation dose, radiation background monitoring and alarm of a user about getting into the zone with high levels of gamma radiation and user access to geo information system of the radiation measurement.
RadFlashII is an efficient gamma radiation detector of a USB-size. It is intended to be used as a means of personal radiation safety for the people who face radiation sources and threats both in professional and in everyday life.
The Device can be easily operated even by children, no special knowledge is required.
The main distinctive feature of the Gamma Detector is that all the devices are integrated into the global geo information system of radiation monitoring Flash Radiation MonitorTM.
RadFlashII  is a unique radiation detector with the help of which a user can monitor radiation level in a particular region in real time observing the radiation measurement of other RadFlash II users.
Each user has access to geographic information system of all RadFlashII devices to monitor radiation environment.
Software that is supplied with the device manages to transmit measurements of the radioactive background into a global system of radiation monitoring called Flash Radiation MonitorTM and displays them in Google Maps.
RadFlash II provides the following functions:
-continuous and independent control of individual radiation dose that has been accumulated and alert about exceeding threshold of radiation safety;
-continuous monitoring of environmental radioactive background and alarm of a user about getting into the zone with high levels of gamma radiation.
RadFlash II can be operated in 2 modes:
Autonomous operation mode
PC connection mode (Desktop computer or notebook)
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