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Ponovo PDC15k 高直流一次电流注入试验装置

Power supply: Single phase 220VAC/50Hz, range -10%~+10%

Power supply input power: <2KVA

Output voltage range: 0 ~ 5V

DC Current Output range: 0A~15000A

Current output options:

Individually or support parallel more sets.

1 set of PDC15k: 0A~5000A, 0A~10000A, 0A~15000A;

1 set of PDC15k: 0A~5000A, 0A~10000A, 0A~15000A;

Current output mode: Parameter setting, automatic output (Ramp, Step Ramp)

Accuracy at output current range: ± 0.5% (500-15000A)

Current output ripple: <0.5%

Current output generating duration: <10mS

Load capacity:

3.5V/15000A, 1 second

4V/10000A, 3 second

4.5V/5000A, 10 second

Stability: <0.1%

Control Unit

Quantity: 1

Weight: 19.45kg

Dimension: 760×150×570mm(W×H×D)

Display screen: 4.8-inch LCD screen with high brightness.

Local keypad: Operating local software

1 USB port: Manufacturer-specific software update interface

DC Current Output Unit

Quantity: 3

Weight: 27.8kg

Dimension: 760×140×570mm(W×H×D)

Current output: 5000A/unit

Portable Cart

Quantity: 1

Weight: 30kg

Dimension: 850×1020×600mm(W×H×D)

Characteristic contains four universal wheels and a storage box for cables

Binary inputs

Number: 2 pairs of independent inputs

Input characteristics: Dry contact or with voltage(30V~250V), automatic polarity recognition

Accuracy of timing: ±1ms(0.001~1s),±0.1%(1~999.999s)

Binary outputs

Number: 1 pair

Contact rating: 250V DC/0.5A、250V AC / 8A

DC Loop resistance test

Resistance range: 0-50000μΩ

Accuracy error: 1.0 class

Testing current 100A-15000A

Environmental conditions

Operation temperature: 0~+50ºC

Storage temperature: -25º ~ +70ºC

Relative humidity: 5~95% non - condensing

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa

Protection IP22



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