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Ponovo POM2‐3243 保护继电器测试装置

Voltage generators

Setting range 

4‐phase ac(L‐N): 4×0~300V

1‐phase ac(L‐L): 1×0~600V

dc (L‐N): 4×±0~300V 

dc (L‐L): 1×±0~600V


4‐phase ac(L‐N):  4×75VA typ., at 300V; 4×50VA guar., at 300V

3‐phase ac(L‐N):  3×100VA typ., at 300V; 3×85VA guar., at 300V 

1‐phase ac(L‐L): 1× 200VA typ., at 600V; 1× 170VA guar., at 600V

dc (L‐N): 4×100W at ±300 V

Accuracy error: 

< 0.08 % rd.+0.02 % rg. guar., at 0~300 V

< 0.02 % rd.+0.01 % rg. typ., at 0~300 V

Ranges: 300V

Resolution: 10mV

Distortion: < 0.05 % typ., (< 0.1 % guar.)

Current generators 

Setting range

3‐phase ac(L‐N): 3×0~20A

1‐phase ac(3L‐N): 1×0~60A 

1‐phase ac(L‐L): 1×0~20A

dc (L‐N): 3×±0~10A

dc (3L‐N): 1×±0~30A


3‐phase ac(L‐N): 3×140VA at 20A

1‐phase ac(L‐L): 1×280VA at 20A

1‐phase ac(3L‐N): 1×280VA at 60A

dc(L‐N): 3×100W at 10A

dc(3L‐N): 1×300W at 30A

Max compliance voltage(L‐N)(L‐L): 10Vpk/20Vpk

Accuracy: 20A

Resolution: 1mA

Distortion: < 0.05 % typ.; < 0.1 % guar.

8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs

Operation temperature: 0~+50°C

Storage temperature: ‐25~+70°C

Relative humidity: 5~95% non‐condensing



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