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Ponovo PQC700A‐05/240 通用电能质量校准器 (10A; 240V)

Precision: 0.05%

Max voltage output: 240V

Current output: 10A (240V output)

Three‐phase AC Voltage Output

Range: 240V or 480V 

Resolution: 0.1mV@V<10V; 1mV@V≥10V 

Stability: ±0.01%/2min @V≥10V 

THD: ≤0.1%@V≥10V 

Output load: >100mA 

Output power: ≥24VA or 48VA 

Fundamental wave amplitude error: ≤±(0.04%rd. + 0.01%Vrg.) 

Modulation waveform: Sine 

Modulation frequency: 0.1Hz‐40Hz 

Three‐phase AC Current Output 

Range: 10A 

Resolution: 0.1mA 

Stability: ±0.01%/2min @I≥0.5A 

THD: ≤0.1%@I≥0.5A 

Max output load: 0.4Ω

Max output power: 40VA 

Fundamental wave amplitude error: ≤±(0.04%rd. + 0.01%Irg.)

Modulation waveform: Sine 

Modulation frequency: 0.1Hz‐40Hz

Fundamental Wave Power 

Active power stability: ±0.02%/2min @I≥1A, V≥50V, Power factor≥0.5 

Active power error: ≤±0.05%rg. @I≥1A, V≥50V, Power factor≥0.5 rg.=Vrg.*Irg.

Fundamental Wave Phase 

Range: ‐180° ~ +180° 

Resolution: 0.01° 

Error: ≤±0.05° for 05 model @I≥1A, V≥50V 

Fundamental Wave Power Factor 

Error: ≤±0.001° for 05 model @I≥1A, V≥50V 

Fundamental Wave Frequency 

Range: 40Hz – 65Hz 

Resolution: 0.001Hz 

Error: ≤±0.002Hz @I≥1A, V≥50V 

Three‐phase Voltage/Current Unbalance 

Three‐phase voltage unbalance error: ≤±0.05%@V≥50V 

Three‐phase current unbalance error: ≤±0.2%@I≥1A 

Voltage Flicker 

Variation: 0‐60% 

Modulation waveform: Square wave, rectangular wave, sine wave 

Variation frequency range: 0.008Hz‐40Hz, 0.5Hz‐40Hz 

Pst error: ≤±1% @ Pst≥1 (230V, square wave modulation) 

Voltage Swell/Sag/Interruption function

Environmental Conditions 

Temperature: 20℃±5℃

Relative humidity: 45%~75% 

Power Supply 

Input: AC220V±10% 

Frequency: 50Hz 

Size and Weight 

Dimension(W×H×D): 450mm × 235mm× 545mm 

Weight: 39kg 



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