Proceq Equotip 550 Rockwell 便携式金属硬度计

  • The Equotip 550 is the most versatile all-in-one solution for portable hardness testing. The Portable Rockwell test principle follows the traditional Rockwell static test method which is particularly suited for scratch-sensitive, polished or thin parts as well as for profiles and pipes.

    In combination with the Equotip Leeb Impact Devices, the Equotip 550 can be extended with the Leeb hardness principle following the dynamic (rebound) method. This additionally allows automatic on-site correlation of Leeb to Portable Rockwell true indention hardness value. 

    The new generation Equotip Touchscreen interface is specifically designed to provide an exceptional user experience. The enhanced software provides interactive wizards, automatic verification processes, personalization options and custom report functions. Furthermore, it is compatible with upcoming developments.

    The full color display allows best possible measuring and analysis of the measured data. The specially designed housing optimizes the on-site usage of the device in harsh environments.

    To date, Proceq’s Equotip has become established as a globally recognized measuring technique and a de facto industry standard. The Equotip devices fully meet the demand for non-destructive hardness testing in a broad range of industries.

    Equotip Portable Rockwell

    • Measurements in HRC and HV with automatic integrated conversions to HB, HRA, HRB and many more common scales in compliance to ASTM E140 and ISO 18265
    • Highly accurate ± 0.8 µm (~ ± 1.0 HRC) over entire range
    • Rapid and reproducible metal hardness readings independent of the material and sample dimensions
    • Small test load yields small penetrations of only a few μm
    • Unique measuring clamp and support feet are available for the probe allowing the test to be carried out on various geometries
    • Advanced algorithm option for faster measurement
    • Probe can be connected directly to PC

    Equotip 550 Touchscreen Unit

    • Modular concept: Flexible configuration for various industry applications with a wide range of probes and accessories
    • Combined method: Automatic on-site correlation of Leeb to Portable Rockwell true indention hardness value
    • Guiding wizards: Predefined workflows to increase process reliability and to improve measurement precision
    • Automatic verification: Step by step verification in line with ISO 16859 and ASTM A956
    • Interactive guides: On-screen notifications to obtain the most relevant settings for your application
    • Conversion curves: Create, edit and verify material conversion curves directly on the instrument
    • Custom reports: Modular generator allows customized measurement reports
    • Automation option: Integration of NDT automation into quality management systems and automated testing environments
    • Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments (IP 54), including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover
    • High resolution color display
    • Battery lifetime of > 8h
    • 8 GB Flash memory
    • Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces: Probe Connector, USB Host, USB Device and Ethernet
    • Future proof investment through direct compatibility with upcoming developments


    • Precise metal hardness testing of very soft materials through to very hard materials
    • Thin parts, profiles and pipes of a wall thickness ≤ 2 mm, sheets, coiled metal, as well as parts as thin as 0.2 mm (0.008”), depending on the hardness level
    • Testing on scratch-sensitive or polished surfaces, eg. in the automotive industry
    • Metal hardness testing of heat-affected zones near welding seams
    • Testing of roadway metals


    Proceq offers accessories such as a measuring clamp or several support feet adapt to freehand hardness measurements on various test piece geometries.


    Display7” color display 800x480 pixels
    MemoryInternal 8 GB Flash memory (up to 1000000 measurements)
    Regional settingsMetric and Imperial units, multi-language and timezone supported
    BatteryLithium Polymer, 3.6 V, 14.0 Ah
    Battery lifetime> 8h (in standard operating mode)
    Power input

    12 V +/-25 % / 1.5 A

    Weight (of display device)About 1525 g (incl. Battery)
    Dimensions250 x 162 x 62 mm
    Max. altitude2 500 m above sea level
    Humidity< 95 % RH, non condensing
    Operating temperature0°C to 30°C (32 to 86°F) (Charging, running instrument)
    0°C to 40°C (32 to 104°F) (Charging, instrument is off)
    -10°C to 50°C (14 to 122°F) (Non-charging)
    EnvironmentSuitable for indoor & outdoor use
    IP classificationIP 54
    Pollution degree2
    Installation category2

    Equotip Portable Rockwell Probe:

    Dimensions 112.5 x o 42 mm (4.4 x o 1.6 inches)
    Weight260 g (9.17 oz)
    Power supplyVia USB (5 V, max. 100 mA)
    Measuring range0-100 µm; 19-70 HRC; 34-1080 HV
    Measuring accuracy 1.5 HRC according to DIN 50157

    0.1 µm; 0.1 HRC; 1 HV

    Test directionAny direction (no correction required)
    Test loads10 N / 50 N (probe 50 N)
    Diamond indenterAngle 100.0° +/- 0.5°
    Operating temperature0°C to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
    HumidityNon-condensing, 90% 
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