Proceq Equostat 3 便携式硬度计

  • Maker: Proceq
  • Model: Equostat 3

The Equostat 3 was developed for accurate, rapid and reproducible metal hardness testing. It features excellent sensitivity through small penetration of a few µm and is therefore particularly suited for testingmetal hardness of surface layers on scratch-sensitive and polished parts or on thin parts, profiles and pipes with a wall thickness that is below 2 mm (0.08”).

The Equostat 3 works well in outdoor, factory and lab environments. It has only very few requirements on test piece geometries. The Equostat 3 probe can be connected directly to a laptop or a PC. Alternatively, the probe plugs into the Equotip 3 indicating device to combine the Rockwell principle of Equostat with the Leeb rebound principle of Equotip 3 to become the most versatile hardness tester. Live user guidance dialogs enable the user to obtain very accurate and highly reproducible measurements

  • Precise metal hardness testing of very soft materials through to very hard materials
  • Thin parts, profiles and pipes of a wall thickness ≤ 2 mm, sheets, coiled metal, as well as parts as thin as 0.2 mm (0.008”), depending on the hardness level
  • Testing on scratch-sensitive or polished surfaces
  • Metal hardness testing of heat-affected zones near welding seams

Proceq offers accessories such as a measuring clamp or several support feet adapt to freehand hardness measurements on various test piece geometries


  • Accurate, rapid and reproducible metal hardness readings
  • Measurements are independent of the material and sample dimensions
    Testing range from very soft (aluminum) up to very hard materials (case-hardened steel)
  • Measurement in HRC, integrated conversions to HV, HB, HRA, HRB, HR15N, Rm possible
  • Transfer of up to ~100000 stored readings from the Equotip 3 indicating device to a PC using Equolink 3
  • Small test load yields small penetrations of only a few μm
  • The Equostat 3 probe can be used in either a clamp or freehand
  • In addition to the Equostat 3 probe, all the impact devices of the Equotip metal hardness tester can be used to also conduct rebound hardness testing with the same indicating device
  • DIN 50157 (2007)
  • ISO 18265 (2003)
  • ASTM B724
  • ASTM E140 (2007)
  • DGZfP Guideline MC 1 (2008)
  • VDI / VDE Guideline 2616 Paper 1 (2010)
Technical Data

Equostat 3 Probe

Measuring range (DIN) 0-100 µm; 19-70 HRC; 19-70 HMMRC; 67-638 HB; 35-950 HV; 60-86 HRA;
29-107 HRB; 225-2250 MPa (N/mm2); 69-94 HR15N; 88-96 HR15T
Resolution 0.1 µm; 0.1 HRA; 0.1 HRB; 0.1 HRC; 0.1 HRE; 0.1 HRH;
0.1 HR15N; 0.1 HR15T; 1 HB; 1 HV; 0.1 HS; 1 MPa (N/mm2)
Measuring accuracy ± 0.8 µm (~ ± 1.0 HRC) over entire range
Maximum test hardness 70 HRC
Test direction any direction (no correction required)
Test loads

preload 10 N / total load 50 N

Diamond indenter angle (100.0±0.5)°, diameter of flat area of (60±0.5)µm
Metal hardness tester Equotip 3 indicating device:
Dimensions 170 x 200 x 45 mm (6.7 x 7.9 x 1.8 inches)
Weight 780 g (27.5 ounces) plus battery pack 120 g (4.2 ounces)
Display large QVGA LCD with adjustable contrast and backlight
Internal data storage 100000 - 1000000 values (depending on data type)
Interface Ethernet, USB 1.1, RS 232
Battery type rechargeable Li ion or 3 standard size “C” cells
Battery max. charge voltage 4.2 V
Battery operation period typically 10 hours
Operating temperature 0 to + 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Humidity non-condensing, 90% max
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