Proceq Pundit PL-200 超声波脉冲速度 (双面传感器)

Compressive strength and SONREB
Compressive strength and SONREB    Slab thickness from a single side
Determination of crack depth
Modulus of elasticity

Technical Data
Range: 0.1 – 7930 μs
Resolution: 0.1 μs (< 793 μs), 1 μs (> 793 μs)
Display: 7” colour display 800x480 pixels
Pulse Voltage UPV: 100 – 450 Vpp
Pulse Voltage UPE: No
Bandwidth: 20 – 500 kHz
Receiver Gain: 1x – 10’000x (0 – 80dB) [11 steps]
Memory: Internal 8 GB Flash memory
Regional Settings: Metric and imperial units and multi-language supported
Battery: Lithium Polymer, 3.6 V, 14.0 Ah
Battery Lifetime: > 8h (in standard operating mode)
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 30°C (Charging, running instrument); 0°C – 40°C (Charging, instrument is off); -10°C – 50°C (Non-charging)
Humidity: < 95 % RH, non condensing
IP Classification: IP54
Accessories: Consisting of: Pundit Touchscreen, 2 Transducers 54 kHz, 2 BNC cables 1.5 m, couplant, calibration rod, BNC adapter cable, battery charger, USB cable, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case






Pundit PL-200 Pundit PL-200PE
Through Transmission:
Access from two sides
Pulse Echo:
Single side access
Assessment of Concrete Quality
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Compressive strength and SONREB Slab thickness from a single side, eg. ground floors
Determination of crack depth Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface), and honeycombing
Modulus of elasticity
Assessment of Epoxy and refractory materials
Scan Modes
Line Scans
E-Modulus Area Scan
Data Logging  
Area Scan  
  50 kHz Pulse Echo Transducer
The Pulse Echo transducer is a shear wave transducer designed for single-handed and two-handed operation. It is particularly suited to testing where access is limited to a single side.

Standard 54kHz Transducer
A new design with improved performance to increase range and stability.

  150kHz Transducers
These transducers have more resolution, but a decreased range. For use on fine grained samples.
  250kHz Transducers
These transducers have more resolution, but a decreased range. For use on fine grained samples.
  54kHz Exponential Transducers
For use on rough surfaces without couplant. When used in combination with Pundit Lab+ no external amplifier is required.

500kHz Transducers
For use with fine grained materials, such as rock and ceramics.

  250kHz Shear Wave Transducers
For use in combination with standard P-wave transducers to measure the dynamic elastic modulus of the material under test.
  Transducer Holder
Particularly useful for compound measurements such as surface velocity or crack depth.
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