Proceq Resipod 混凝土电阻率测试仪

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    Model: Resipod
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+ Estimation of the likelihood of corrosion
+ Indication of corrosion rate
+ Correlation to chloride permeability
+ On site assessment of curing efficiency
+ Determination of zonal requirements for cathodic protection systems
+ Identification of wet and dry areas in a concrete structure
+ Indication of variations in the water/ cement ratios within a concrete structure
+ Identification of areas within a structure most susceptible to chloride penetration
+ Correlation to early compressive strength
+ Correlation to water permeability of rock
Techniacal Data
+ Resolution (nominal current 200µA): ±0.2 kΩcm or ±1% (whichever is greater)
+ Resolution (nominal current 50µA): ±0.3 kΩcm or ±2% (whichever is greater)
+ Resolution (nominal current <50µA): ±2 kΩcm or ±5% (whichever is greater)
+ Frequency: 40 Hz
+ Memory: Non volatile, ca. 500 measured values
+ Power Supply: >50 hours autonomy
+ Charger connection: USB type B, (5V, 100mA)
+ Dimensions: 197 x 53 x 69.7 mm (7.8 x 2.1 x 2.7 inch)
+ Weight: 318 g (11.2 oz)
+ Operating temperature: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
+ Storage temperature: -10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F)
Accessories: Resipod, 50mm probe spacing, test strip, foam contact pads, charger with USB cable, software, carrying strap, documentation and case.


Product Family

Resipod Geometric (SR) Method
The AASHTO TP 95-11 standard is limited to particular sample geometries and a maximum aggregate size of 1.5”, 38mm. Resipod Geometric is designed to comply with the latest research intended to extend the current limits of this AASHTO standard.
Resipod Geometric is supplied with a variable spacing probe that can accommodate larger aggregate sizes. It also allows the user to enter geometric correction factors via the ResipodLink software to give the correct resistivity reading directly on the instrument.

   Resipod Bulk Resistivity (BR) Method
The Bulk Resistivity test is an alternative method where the sample resistivity is measured between electrical plates placed at either end of the sample. The geometry factor is very simple and the test is rapid to perform, with similar advantages as the surface resistivity test.
The Resipod Bulk Resistivity kit provides everything necessary for carrying out this test on standard 4”, 100mm diameter cylinders.



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