Prodigit 3660B 独立式自动多输出电源测试仪

Manufacturer: Prodigit
Made in Taiwan
Model: 3660B
Warrantly: 12 months
Electronic Load:
  Load: 1/2/3/4/5/6
 Input Rating:
  Power: 300W/180W/20W/40W/120W/20W
  Current: 0~60A/0~30A/0~4A/0~4A/0~40A/0~4A
  Voltage: 0~+30V/0~-30V/0~+10V/0~+30V
 CC mode: 0~60A/0~30A/0~4A/0~4A/0~40A/0~4A
  Accuracy: ±0.5%
 CR mode: 0.05~200Ω/0.15~600Ω/0.75~3000Ω/0.075~300Ω/0.75~3000Ω
  Accuracy: ±0.8%
 DVM: 0~+30V/0~-30V/0~+10V/0~+30V
  Accuracy: ±0.05%
 DAM: 0.00~60.00A/0.00~30.00A/0.000~4.000A/0.00~40.00A/0.000~4.000A
  Accuracy: ±0.5%
 PARD@2,20MHz: 0.000~0.500Vp-p Res. 1mV
  Accuracy: ±2%
Protection Testing:
 OVP Voltage source: 0~30V@3A
  Accuracy:  ±0.2%
 Over Current Test: 80A@1Min/30A@1Min/6A@1Min/80A@1Min/6A@1Min
  Max Power@1Min: 420W/252W/31.5W/63W/252W/31.5W
 Short Circuit Test: Electronic+relay, 0.055Ω/0Ω, 0.08Ω/0Ω, 0.4Ω/0Ω, 0.02Ω/0Ω, 0.4Ω/0Ω
Isolated AC Source:
 Output Voltage: 800VA, 50/60Hz(Isolated)
  115V@7Arms: 90, 115, 132V
  230V@3.5Arms: 90, 115, 132, 180, 230, 264V
 AC Voltage Meter: 0.0~300.0Vrms
  Accuracy: ±0.3%
 AC Current Meter: 0.00~8.00Arms
  Accuracy: ±0.5%
 AC Power Meter: 0.00~800.00W
  Accuracy: ±0.5%
Timing measurement and control:
 Pok, Power good/Fail time: 0~9999mS
 Set-up/Hold-up Time: 0~9999mS
  Accuracy: ±1ms
 Threshold Voltage: Vth/VPGS
  Input range: 0~30V/0~5.6V
  Setting range: 0~30.00V/0~5.60V
 Auto/Step Testing Time
  Tmeas.1-Tmeas.32: 500.0ms~20sec
  Tdelay.1-Tdelay.32: 0.0ms~20sec 
AC power: 115/230 Vac
Weight: 28.5kg
Dimension: 440(W) x 220(H) x 440(D)mm
Accessories: Power cord cable, 9806B/D Application Software, operation manual
Options: 9906B: Integrated Twin Test Fixture, ATX Testing Fixture, Universal Test Fiture, 9932: Remote Interface Key Pad




  • 3660B/D includes AC Source six polarity can be changed, six OVP, two timing and six PARD measuring that can test Input, Output of Power Supplies, Pok Timing, Noise and Protection.
  • 3660B/D was designed with module. Custom load requirements for loads 2 through 6 can be combined.
  • 3660B/D can store up to 24 Test Programs which is in the 3660B/D built-in EEROM for quick access.
  • Testing can be done either automatically or in a step by step mode.
  • Utilizes the latest in Electronic Calibration Technology Version update can be download via RS232.
  • Power supply (U.U.T) information including part number, test requirements and results is shown on the large LCD display.
  • Test report can be printed out directly or stored in a PC via RS232 interface. Test data can be transferred to    EXCELTM file format for report customization.


  • Six output power supplies (e.g. notebook/desktops power supplies,scanners, printers, LCD,and many other electronic
  • products
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Production line
  • Quality Assurance
  • Incoming Inspection
  • R&D Prototype assurance
  • 3660D ATE is designed connected with external AC Source, measure Inrush Current and Frequency Adjustable Line Regulation

Test Functions

  • Hold-On Adjust
  • Load Regulation
  • Line Regulation
  • Combine Regulation
  • P-P Noise (PARD)
  • Pok,Power Good/Fail
  • Set-up/Hold up time
  • OVP (option)
  • OCP
  • Short
  • Rise Time
  • Efficiency


  • 3660B/D was design for 6 outputs power supplies (e.g. ATX、PS/2 Power Supply etc...). It is an all-in-one stand-
  • alone unit with built-in hardware and software for all testing requirements. The 3660B/D provides fast, accurate
  • testing and a "PASS" / "FAIL " report for the U.U.T.
  • Prodigit 3660B/D Automatic Power Supply Tester is well suited for electronic component inspection, R & D, and
  • production testing of power supplies used in notebooks,desktops, scanners, printers, and many other electronic products.
  • Prodigit application software (9860B/D) WindowsTM and ExcelTM compatible software is stored in FLASH memory and allows editing of test parameters, uploading, downloading, and printing of test data, 3660B/D operation system upgrades and multi password protection.
  • 3660B/D is designed Stand Alone Unit that 25% faster testing (as compared with integrated systems using GPIB)
  • The 3660B/D has a built-in EEROM to store test programs and a large LCD display to show the PASS/FAIL function of the U.U.T test data can be printed out directly without using a computer or can be downloaded to a PC.
  • 3660B has included AC Source that can test Line Regulation without connecting external AC Source.
  • 3660D ATE is designed connected with external AC Source (AC Source is option), measuring Inrush Current and Frequency Adjustable Line Regulation.
  • The optional 9906B Integrated Twin Test Fixture (with built-in OVP Source) was designed for high volume production testing. It integrates a dual U.U.T. fixture, START/STOP control key, PASS/TESTlNG/FAIL indicator and FAIL alert with adjustable volume.


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