Proskit MT-4615 风速计

Manufacture: Prokits
Model: MT-4615
Made in: Taiwan
Warranty: 06 months

    Ideal for ventilation, sailing, flight energy, air conditioning systems, petrochemical industry and more.
    Measuring air velocity and air volume
    Large LCD backlight for easy reading even in dark area
    Variety of units to choose from.
    Extra functions: Max./Min. value, Low battery indication, Auto power off, Data hold

    Measuring range    0.8~40m/s

    0.80~30.00 m/s, 1.40~108.00 km/h, 1.30~98.50 ft/s, 0.80~58.30 knots,
    0.90~67.20 mil/h, 78~5900 ft/m, ±(2.0% + 50D)
    30.00~40.00 m/s, 108.0~144.0 km/h, 98.50~131.20 ft/s,
    58.30~77.70 knots, 67.20~90.00 mil/h, 5900~7874 ft/m,(only for reference)
    Resolution    0.01m/s,0.01km/h,0.01 ft/s,0.01knots,0.01mile/h,1ft/m

    Air Velocity: m/s, km/h, mil/h, ft/m, ft/s, knots
    Air Volume:CMS (m3/s), CMM m3/min, CFM (ft³/min)
    30~40m/s only for reference
    Sensor    Conventional arm angle to the impeller
    Sampling time    0.4s
    Auto power off    10 minutes (adjustable)
    Low battery indication    <7V
    Operation environment    0~85%RH, 0°C~40°C(no condense)
    Fan Operation environment    0~95%RH, -20°C~80°C(no condense)
    Storage environment    0~80%RH, -20°C~80°C(no condense)
    Operating altitude    Max. 2000m
    Power source    9V 6F22 (not included)
    Weight    0.34 lbs (w/o battery)
    Dimension    6.7 x 3.3 x 1.6"
    Accessories    Pouch bag, user manual

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