PROSKIT MT-7025 音频线路查线器

Locate up to 2KM long wire/cable even in a complex PC network or telephone system
Quickly diagnostic LAN cable condition and identify cable status
Scan for continuity, open, short as well as reversal and crossed wiring
Comes with LED light and earphone support enable to work in dark and noisy environment
All maintenance fields of telecommunication, networking, cable TV and more

MT-7025 Transmitter specifications
Tone frequency    1kHz
Max. distance of transmission    2km
Max. distance of cable map    300m
Max. working current    ≦45mA
Tone mode    ONE/TWO-note tone
Compatible connectors    RJ45(8 pin)、RJ11(6P/2C)、Alligator Clips
Continuity test    Yes
Max. signal voltage    8Vp-p
Function selection    3 Position mode switch
Cable map indication    8 LEDs
Shielded indication    1 LED
Phone line polarity indication    Yes
Voltage protection    AC 14V or DC 10V
Low battery display    6.0V
Battery type    DC 9.0V(NEDA 1604/ 6F22 DC9V×1pcs)
Dimension (LxWxD)    126x49x34mm
MT-7025 Receiver specifications
Frequency    1kHz
The Max. working current    ≦90mA
Compatible connectors    RJ45(8 pin)/RJ11(6 pin)
Ear jack    1
Signal status indication    1 LED & Buzzer
Cable map indication    8 LEDs
Shielded indication    1 LED
LED illumination    1 LED
Battery type    DC 9.0V (NEDA 1604/ 6F22 DC9V×1pcs)
Dimension (LxWxD)    176x42x27mm

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