Proskit MT-7059 LCD音频网路测试器

MT-7059 Toner specifications
Indicator: LCD 53X25mm,with back light
Tone frequency: 225KHz
Max. distance of transmission: 2km
Max. distance of cable map: 300m
Max. working current:≦70mA
Tone mode;9 Tone adjustable
Compatible connectors:RJ-45(8 pin)、RJ-11(6 pin)、BNC、USB、IEEE 1394
Continuity test: LCD (SHORT)
Max. signal voltage:1.5Vp-p
Function selection
3 Push button & 1 Power switch
Function and faults LCD display
LCD display (Wiremap;Tone;Short;No adapter;UTP;STP;Low battery)
Cable map indication:LCD (#1~#8)
Shielded indication;LCD (#9)
Voltage protection:AC 60V/ DC 42V
Low battery display:LCD (6.5V)
Battery type:DC 9.0V(NEDA 1604/ 6F22 DC9V ×1pcs)
Dimension (LxWxD):185X80X32mm
MT-7059 Receiver specifications
The Max. working current:≦70mA
Ear jack: 1
LED illumination:2 LEDs
Battery type DC 9.0V(NEDA 1604/ 6F22 DC9V ×1pcs)
Dimension (LxWxD)218X46X29mm
MT-7059 Remote unit specifications
Compatible connectors
RJ-45(8 pin)、RJ-11(6 pin)、BNC、USB、IEEE 1394
Dimension (LxWxD)107X30X24mm



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