Promax EA-817A 通用高级天线教练机

Antennas: UHF, Off-set (Reflector + 4 outputs LNB with polariser + LNB support + Fasteners)

Mechanical accessories: 150 cm mast for terrestrial antenna, 150 cm mast for off-set antenna, Mobile support for antennas

Integrated MATV head equipment: Set of 10 UHF programmable filters, VHF and FM amplifier, Power supply unit

Collective and individual MATV distribution: Splitter, Taps, User access point, Terminal box, Socket divider

Collective and individual SMATV distrib. via IF: Switchable splitter (with internal amplifier), IF sockets

User equipment: Digital TV receivers (terrestrial and satellite)

Accessories for antenna pointing: Inclinometer, Compass

Accessories, cables and tools: Reel of coaxial cable, Connectors (F male, TV male, TV female), Tool for coaxial cables, Whiteboard markers,

Nuts and screws for quick mounting on universal panels

Instrumentation: Simulator for Intermediate Frequency (RP-050)

Documentation (on CD-ROM): Theory and Practice Manual for Intermediate Cycle, Trainer’s user’s manual, Technical Documentation, Assembly Instructions, Regulations

Recommended equipment: TV signal generators (GV-998, GV-898+, GV-798, GV-698+), Test signal generator (RP-110), Field strength meters (HD RANGER family), Digital television modulators (EN-206, MO-380, MO-480), DTTV headend (Digital to TV) 



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