Promax GF-856 任意波形发生器(5 MHz)

Frequency output: 5 MHz

Sample rate: 125 MS/s

Vertical resolution: 14 bits


Standard: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise

Arbitrarias Exponential: Rise, Exponential fall Sin(x)/x, Step Wave, etc. Total 45 built-in waveforms and user-defined arbitrary waveforms.

Modulation waveform: AM, FM, PM, FSK, Sweep and Burst

Modulation frequency: 2 mHz to 20 kHz (FSK 1 µHz a 100 kHz)


Function: Frequency, period, positive pulse width, duty cycle

Frequency range: 100 mHz to 200 MHz

Resolution: 6 digits

Display: 4” (480 x 320 pixels) LCD

Dimensions: 235 (W.) x 110 (H.) x 295 (D.) mm

Weight: 3 kg




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