Promax PROLITE-42 Ultra slim fibre optics splicer

Manufacturer: Promax


Origin: England

Warranty: 12 months

Splicing program: SM, MM, DS, NZDS

Splicing loss: 0.02 dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.04 dB (DS), 0.04 dB (NZDS)

Return loss: >60 dB

Splicing mode: Automatic, Half­automatic and Manual modes

Fibre aligning method: Core aligning

Applicable fibres: Cable indoor and 0.25mm, 0.9 mm fiber, SC connector(optional)

Splicing time: ≤9 sec

Heating time: ≤30 sec (automatic)

Fibre cleaved length: From 8 to 16mm

Fibre display and magnification: 300x (X or Y axis), or 150x (simultaneous X­Y axis display)

Display: High quality 4,3” LCD screen

Tension test: Estándar 2N

Protection sleeve length: 60 mm, 40 mm

Battery life :300 splicing + heating cycles, 3 hours charging time (splicing and charging at same time)

Battery life span: Cycling charge 300­500 times, easy to replace battery

Electrode life: 3000, easy to replace electrodes

Consumption: ≤20 W

Lighting: Built­in high brightness, wide range of lights that make easy to operate the splicer at night

Power supply: 5200 mAh (11.1 V) lithium battery

AC adapter (100­240 V input, 3.5 VDC / 4,5 A output)

Mechanical features

Dimensions: 130 mm (W.) x 98 mm (H.) x 200 mm (D.)

Weight: 1.6 kg (with battery) / 1.1 kg (without battery)

Included accessories: Cleaver, stripper, AC adapter, spare electrodes, fusion protection sleeves,

cooling tray, 2 removable batteries and carrying case for the complete set





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